Customer Testimonials

      “United DMS of Tennessee, LLC recognizes and awards Hub Brown of Thornton, Musso, and Bellemin for 10 years of dedicated service and for his personal commitment and achievements in preventing a waste water crisis at UDMS in 2015.” -Gerry Fishbeck, DMS

      “TMB’s customer service team delivers not only great customer service in the traditional regard but also in innovative ideas and solutions. One of their many recommendations we recently implemented was a new polymer mixing system for our DAF units that provides much better and complete mixing. This provided a better quality sludge and allowed us to reduce polymer usage.”

      “Thornton, Musso and Bellemin, Inc. clearly employ personnel who are willing and capable of exceeding their customer’s expectations.  They have not only supplied the City of Bossier’s Water Treatment Plant with specialty treatment chemicals that allow us to produce high quality drinking water, they have also proven to be very reliable, accessible, and knowledgeable each time we have reached out to them over a period of many years when we have needed and asked for their expert support and guidance to resolve a wide-range of critical water-related challenges.” -Darin Fortenberry, Water Treatment Division Manager

      “We, at the City of Raymondville WTP, are very pleased with the CL02 Generator service Thornton, Musso, and Bellemin, Inc. have provided and continue to provide. Both service tech’s, Brandon Bischoff and Ramom Hoyuela, have done an outstanding job with the service needed to prevent downtime of our CLO2 generators. They are both knowledgeable and share their knowledge with our staff. Thank you for your service.” -Javier Rodriguez (WTP Superintendent)

      “I have had the pleasure of working with Roy Bellemin for over 20 years. Roy has assisted me in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems and deficiencies in several public water systems for which I provide professional engineering services. Roy always provides in-depth knowledge and experience regarding water quality issues and system operation and maintenance. Roy is especially gifted in being able to explain the most complex of issues in a manner that all parties are able to comprehend and ultimately act upon.” -Brendon Gaspard, P.E.

      “With hard work and the right science Ed Ducote has brought our Municipal water supply into compliance with DEQ and contributed to the better over all health of our community. He is also my go to guy with any water treatment questions 24/7.” -Brett Hancock, Supervisor, Stroud, OK

      “TMB has really helped the City of Snyder turn its water quality around. Their service has amazing results. I would also like to mention the customer support that they offer is the best I have ever seen. They honestly help get better results.” -Randy Stanley, Superintindent, Snyder, OK

      “Almost 20 years ago, Culkin Water District made a request to Thornton, Musso & Bellemin to help streamline a water treatment facility that was designed to remove organic color from well water and to produce the best quality potable water possible. After multiple testing efforts and countless hours this request was achieved.

      Since that time, TMB has provided exceptional service and quality products that help to insure that Culkin Water consistently produces the best possible drinking water for its customers.

      In more recent efforts, Ben Bridges and TMB were instrumental in developing polymer blends that would also assist in the disposal of a sludge product that is a result of our water treatment process. Belt filter presses were installed in 2011 and with the assistance of TMB, we were able to make considerable cost cuts to the sludge disposal process.

      Thanks to Ben and all of the TMB staff for years of quality service and support.” -John Gunn, General Manager

      “I was first exposed to TMB associates through their involvement in the regional professional organization the South West American Water Works organization.  Our staff was greatly impressed with their equipment spotlighted at one of the regional conferences. They assisted in helping us review actual installs and let us speak candidly to fellow operators actually responsible in the daily operation of the equipment.  They were helpful, but not pushy, in our decision making.  After the sale they offered us impeccable service, providing assurance that the instillation was correct, and that we received adequate operational training. 

      In the years following we have not had many problems, but when asked, they really came running and provided anything necessary to avoid a halt in service.  I would not hesitate to recommend TMB for making a proposal with any equipment they represent.  My personal feeling is they would not tolerate anything less than excellent performing systems.  Their perspective seems to be a vested interest with your success.” -Scotty Boggs, Water Treatment Division Manager, Searcy Board of Public Utilities

      “I’ve never dealt with a company with the level of customer service TMB provides.” – Todd Hicks

    “East Feliciana Rural Water brought TMB in to perform an evaluation of our field operations in June 2017.  In July 2017, EFRW signed a consulting agreement and has never looked back.  We work with a great bunch of guys.  They are attentive, respectful, and hard working.  Your problems become their problems and they don’t quit working when it’s time to punch the clock!” Melissa Sanders, Executive Director of East Feliciana Rural Water System

      “We appreciate doing business with your company. We really like the fact each chemical system we use from your company is well maintained by your employees. Thanks again for the great service you provide.”

      “We have been doing business with TMB over 10 years. I would say it has been a pleasure doing business with TMB. I would like to start with the open communication that we have. If we have a need whether it be operational or technical, TMB has a staff that is qualified in assisting our staff. TMB has been quick to respond to the issues that have occurred at the water treatment plant, it doesn’t matter what day (holiday or weekend) or time of day. Looking forward to doing many more years of business with TMB.” -Joe Key, Facility Manager

      In the previous 12 months, CWD has completed a treatment plant expansion that doubled the capacity for daily production. Again TMB and Ben were ready to assist with testing and equipment calibration that would continue the efforts for making the best quality potable water possible for the CWD customers.